About Us

We launched Clever Dodo in 2010 and through the years that follow, the website has seen several iterations to be what it is today. There are two main things we currently focus on, our thriving communities and optimised courses.

Clever Dodo Communities

As time has passed and our site has become more useful to even more people, we wanted to thank the first 10 members of our site for their contribution and encouragement back then as that has allowed us to keep on doing what we do.


  • Dec 2010 Initial Conception
  • April 2011 Launch in MU
  • Feb 2016 Expanded to UK
  • Jan 2019 Global Communities
  • Mar 2023 Learning Platform
  • Co-Founders Gices Abraham / A.S
clever dodo

Our Story

We started off as a Q&A site for Mauritius to fill in the gap in knowledge about the country for both tourists and locals.

In Feb 2016, we launched a .co.uk version of the site but this was mainly to help British citizens.

Then in Jan 2019, we merged both the .mu and .uk site into a .com to create a bigger community and to become more aligned with our vision.